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    What can you learn?


    Learn the fundamentals necessary to invest intelligently in order to build long term wealth via the markets.

    Individualized Strategy

    Learn how to start making strategic decisions based off of your own personal circumstances and financial needs

    Risk Management

    Learn how to fill any gaps in your current financial picture in order to avoid circumstances that can destroy your financial plan.

    Debt Management

    Learn the diffrence between "Good Debt" and "Bad Debt". Learn specific methods on how to leverage the good and pay down the bad

    Cash Flow Management

    Learn how to utilize cash flow to cover expenses and allocate cash efficiently towards developing streams of income.

    Strategic Budgeting

    Learn how to strategically track your spending so can develop good financial habits to secure your financial future.


    Melanie B

    "[Jose] delivers old fashioned, reliable, client-focused service and support to his clients. Very consistent. If he says he will call or follow-up, he will. he builds trust and demonstrates integrity. I enjoy working with him and and hearing his ideas for how to move forward."

    Brand Dr

    "Jose is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to financial planning. [In his time as an advisor] he put together a custom tailored plan for my business and my family that put so many great things into perspective. Without Jose's help, I would still be shooting in the dark. His work is thorough and extremely reliable. 2 attributes I hold in high regard when looking to hire on consultants."

    Anthony Romero

    "The information you give is gold and more valuable than the money itself"

    Valentin Bartolon

    "I'm so glad I decided to join the Financial University community. Literally, everything you need to know about properly managing your finances can be found on here. Thanks for what you do!"

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    Receive support from Industry Professionals, that have real experience guiding individuals and organizations financially.

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    Supportive material designed to help you absorb and develop healthy financial habits

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    Consume market commentary, research and articles that are meant to inform you and keep you constantly in the know. Become more comfortable with key terms that are used in the financial world so you can feel confident when you come across them on your own