Whether you use it in your personal life or as a money-making venture, a polished and good-looking Instagram account is a must-have in today’s digital age. We’ve gathered the best tips, tricks, and instructions for starting your own Instagram journey that will make you look like a pro in no time.

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1. Pick A Stand-Out Instagram Username

Whether you’re promoting yourself, your dog, or your professional luxury cooking company, your Instagram must have a name that is identifiable, easy to remember, and quick to give out. Your username could define your brand, so pick one that you love. More importantly, one that you think represents your Instagram account the best.

2. Pick A Profile Picture

Like your username, your Instagram profile picture should speak volumes about what you’re promoting. Pick one that’s unique to you, but also clear and well-defined. Since people will be seeing this at its smallest on your feed, you want them to easily recognize your account. If you’re setting up a Business account, you might want to consider a logo or a mascot. Otherwise, a picture of your face will work just fine.

3. Update Your Instagram Profile

After you’ve added your name and picked out your best profile picture, you want to start filling in the details. You can add your location, a few fun facts about who you are, or even a quote or hashtag. Whatever you write here, make sure it’s 100% you and leads people in the right direction.

4. Post Your First Photo on Instagram

Isn’t creating and sharing photos what making an Instagram account is all about? Post your first photo by tapping the + in the bottom center of your screen. Think about your layout, what you’re showing in the photo, or just the vibe you want to convey. It’s up to you. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even think about your future photos. Do you want them to fit into all the same color scheme or look like a unified artboard? Instagram even offers filters for you to colorize your photos however you want. 

5. Tell Your Story

Beneath every great Instagram photo is an equally great caption. Consider the story you want to tell in your first post, whether that’s about you, your brand, or your company. Utilize Instagram’s hashtags — up to thirty allowed on each post — to reach the audience with which you want to connect.

6. Bonus Tip: Tell Your Friends!

No Instagram account exists without followers. To get started, tell your close friends and family that you’ve made an Instagram account, and share it with them. With each post, you’ll watch your follower count rise as your posts are shared and reposted within an ever-growing network of friends and followers. 

A Final Word on Creating Your First Instagram Account

Conquering these first few tips is only the beginning. You’ll manage and master your new Instagram account in no time if you concentrate on staying true to yourself and what you want to post.

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